What is a Registered Dietitian?

What is a Registered Dietitian?

A registered dietitian is a healthcare professional who has completed a nutrition-related degree which includes a rigorous course of study in the scientific areas of biochemistry, human anatomy and physiology classes. They also must complete an internship (just like a medical doctor), or go through an approved coordinated undergraduate program that combines supervised practice and the last two years of college. Then all dietitians must pass a national board examination before they can receive the credentials R.D. (registered dietitian).

By the time an individual receives their RD credential, they have specialized knowledge in the area of nutrition. Registered dietitians also must complete continuing education courses regularly in order to keep their registration current.

A registered dietitian is a healthcare professional who applies principles of food and nutrition to health. They practice in a variety of settings.

  • Management dietitians work in healthcare institutions, schools, cafeterias and restaurants.
  • Clinical dietitians are a vital part of the medical team in hospitals, nursing homes, health maintenance organizations, and other healthcare facilities.
  • Community dietitians work in public and home health agencies, daycare centers, health and recreations clubs, and in government-funded programs.
  • Educator dietitians work in colleges, universities and medical centers.
  • Research dietitians work in government agencies, food and pharmaceutical companies, and in major universities and medical centers.
  • Consultant dietitians work under contract with a healthcare facility or in their own private practice.
  • Business dietitians work in product development, sales, marketing, advertising, public relations and purchasing in food and nutrition related industries.

Many people refer to themselves as a nutritionist. The term nutritionist can be misleading. A nutritionist does not have to meet all of the rigorous requirements a registered dietitian needs to. A nutritionist is not required to complete a degree, a supervised experience, a national board examination, or continuing education courses.

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