Testimonials for Simply Nutrition & Dru Ledder, M.S., R.D.

“After a lifetime of searching, I have found a solution for my overeating! Thank you!”   Kathryn, Vancover, BC

“Finally, a plan that eliminated my craving,  I even pass on chocolate,--without regrets! Thank you!”  Lee, Ft. Collins, CO

“I am so happy that I finally understand the role of diet and exercise on my diabetes and know how to make menu plans myself.  Thanks!”  Jennifer, CO

“I feel that I now have the tools that I need to go grocery shopping and read labels and select foods that will help me and not harm me.  Thank you.”  Leslie, Ft. Collins, CO

“I enjoyed working with Dru because she took the time to prepare recipes that I could use being allergic to many different foods.  Now I have some great recipes that I can use and feel confident that are safe for me.  Thanks!”  Jenny, Denver, CO

“Dru really took the time to educate me in the foods that would be safe for me to eat and the ones that would not be and menus that I could use on a regular basis.  She is worth driving up  from Denver to see.”  Hal, Denver, CO

“I was very confused when I first met Dru but after she reviewed my eating and showed me how to make changes in my diet that I could live with, I felt confident that I can eat the right way and enjoy it.”  Frank, Ft. Collins, CO

“I enjoyed the recipes that taste great that Dru shared with me and my family.  I am still using them.  Thank you.”   John, Ft. Collins, CO