Health Conditions - Heart Disease

Health Conditions - Heart Disease

Healthy Heart Diet

Have you or a loved one recently been diagnosed with heart disease or are you continuing to struggle with this condition?  Are you interested in lowering your cholesterol or triglycerides?  Wondering how you can follow a diabetic diet and a healthy heart diet at the same time?  How can you get reliable nutrition information and from whom?

With a properly designed diet for heart disease you have the ability to be in better control of your condition with the possibly of reducing your dependency on medications.  You can gain control over your condition and your life.



At Simply Nutrition, you will receive dietary information from a registered dietitian to help you formulate daily menus that fits your lifestyle and helps bring down those blood cholesterol and triglyceride numbers.  You will not just receive fact sheets on diet and heart disease but will be given a personalized dietary intervention plan with follow up counseling.

Take time now to learn more about your condition and diet and how I can help you succeed with your nutrition goals.