Health Conditions - Metabolic Syndrome

Health Conditions - Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome and Diet

Have you or a family member been diagnosed with metabolic syndrome?  If you have, you are not alone.  Over 50 million Americans have this and it is becoming more common.   The metabolic syndrome increases risk of coronary heart disease and other diseases related to plague build up in artery walls (e.g. stroke and PVD) and Type II Diabetes.

Did you know that metabolic syndrome has a number of subcategories such as: high triglycerides, impaired glucose tolerance, abdominal obesity, elevated blood pressure, low HDL and high LDL cholesterol, high fibrinogen and an elevated C Reactive Protein levels?

It is important to seek help from an RD with experience in this area since there are a number of issues to be addressed with dietary intervention.

At Simply Nutrition, you will work with a dietitian that will develop menus that not only address the conditions of metabolic syndrome, but will fit your unique lifestyle.  Whether you cook most of your meals at home or eat out in restaurants and do a lot of traveling, your individual needs will be the basis of your dietary intervention.  You will not just be given handouts with a list of dos and dont's.  This personalized approach is to help you have more tools on your journey of having good health year after year. 

Take time now to learn more about metabolic syndrome and diet, and how I can help you succeed with your personal goals.