Health Conditions - Cancer

Health Conditions - Cancer

Cancer and Diet Before, During and After Treatment

Have you or a family member been diagnosed with cancer?  Today nearly 7 million Americans are alive and considered cured of cancer.  For them, cancer fades to the background and living a healthy lifestyle helps to decrease the reoccurrence of cancer.

The American Institute for Cancer Research suggests:  maintaining a healthy weight for life, being physical active, eating a variety of healthy foods and focusing on plant sources and limiting alcohol use.

Simply Nutrition focuses on nutritional needs during cancer treatment and afterwards to increase vitality and strength. Menus plans with plant based recipes are available to help implement these recommendations into your daily life.  If cooking skills are what you are looking for that is also offered.

"Dru, thank you for helping me select foods that I could tolerate during chemotherapy.  It made all the difference"  Patty Ft. Collins

Take time now, to learn more about your unique condition with cancer and how I can help you succeed with developng menus for your unique situation.