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The Solution For Weight

"Finally, a program that eliminated my cravings, I even pass on chocolate--without regrets. Thank you!"  Lee, Ft. Collins

This is course for people who want immediate changes in their weight and health by using the Emotional Brain Training and Solution For Weight. In this course, you will acquire skills that ease stress, enhance health, and bring far more joy to your life.  Using these skills enables you to be in a state of balance.

This state triggers chemical changes in the brain and body that enhance health.  Extra weight begins to fall off and health indices such a blood pressure, blood sugar control, and cholesterol may improve as well.  Best of all, those cravings and appetites begin to fade.

This course is for those who have completed some training in the Emotional Brain Training Method.  Our emphasis will be on using the Five Point System to stay at 1 and in high level reward more of the time and to bounce back to 1 more rapidly from other states.

This has a profound impact on health and happiness as the stress response wreaks havoc with all systems in the body and chips away at health.  At Simply Nutrition, a registered dietitian will work with you not only in the Solution For Weight but will also develop a menu plan that will be as unique as you are.

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