Services For Physicians

Services For Physicians

  • Nutrition Services Available
  • Nutrition Counseling
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Do you want to be able to refer your patients to a registered dietitian that has the time to help them with their dietary concerns?

At Simply Nutrition, Dru Ledder M.S.,  R.D., can spend the needed time to address their nutrition concerns no matter what their chronic condition and develop daily menus to help them succeed.

Do you want your staff trained on the latest nutrition information?

Simply Nutrition can provide in-service education: on diabetes, weight management, screening for eating disorders, or any other area of nutrition that interest you, your staff or your patients.

Do you want to have your staff trained on how to make their own health a priority?

At Simply Nutrition we understand that as health professionals we are often excellent at taking care of other people, yet at times taking care of ourselves is often a challenge, especially in a busy medical office.  I can provide a wellness program that can help your staff implement healthy nutrition into their own lives.

Do you want Simply Nutrition to implement a weight management program  in your  office for your patients?

The Wired For Joy and the Solution for Weight programs are part of the Emotional Brain Training Programs, developed  at the University of California at San Francisco.   The most important finding in the research that has been conducted  is that EBT consistently has shown broad-spectrum sustained post-treatment improvements in a range of stress-related variables, including obesity, blood pressure, exercise, and depression.  You can visit online, or contact Simply Nutrition for more information.